Supporting your journey to wellness through 3D Printing

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D Printing Technology to bring
comfort and care to pediatric patients

HEAL3D Motivational Toys

Motivational Toys

Helping the pediatric patients feel more optimistic, hopeful, and aware that outsiders care for their well-being and are rooting for them!

HEAL3D Desensitization Toys

Desensitization Toys

Serving the purpose of easing the medical phobias of the pediatric patients Through proven psychological principals. 

Custom-made Toys

Serving the purpose of providing comfort, happiness, and a more entertaining environment for the pediatric patients.

Educational Toys

Assisting pediatric patients in better understanding their medical conditions and procedures, while easing their fears through interaction.

We use the proven techniques of habituation, exposure therapy, and desensitization therapy to alleviate undue stress and enhance well-being of pediatric patients.

HEAL3D Childrens Specialized Initiative
Childrens Specialized Letter
HEAL3D New York Presbyterian Initiative

Charitable Mission

“We aim to connect the (CAD enthusiasts, 3D printing enthusiasts, charitable volunteers, etc.) community to the pediatric patient community in order to make the journey of the patients more comfortable and the volunteer efforts of those helping out more meaningful. HEAL3D will also donate toys and/or resources to impoverished pediatric centers which do not have the means to pay for our services.”

Eddi Khaytman, MBA

Founder & CEO

Eddi is grateful and excited to combine 10 years of experience in the field of health & wellness with his 3D printing expertise in order to create a positive change in the well-being of pediatric patients. Graduating at the top of his class in both his Psychology and Masters of Business Administration programs, Eddi has the skillset and drive to make a meaningful impact with HEAL3D and connect the struggle of pediatric patients with their respective communities.  

Communications Director & 3D Printing Tech

Inspired by 3D Printing in High School, Josh has been involved in the field ever since. He currently works as a tech at the MIX Lab of Montclair State University and has experience in both the tech-side and education realm of 3D printing. Without Josh’s tech problem-solving skills, HEAL3D would not be where it is today. You can usually find Josh kicking a soccer ball around where he is not supposed to or helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to reality at the MIX Lab. 

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